Anti-wrinkle treatment

Anti-wrinkle treatment

The whole idea of ‘anti-ageing’ is not to freeze your face or to clean-out every crease or look expressionless.  The goal of any anti-aging treatment is to help you look your natural-best, at every age.

As we grow older, our face tends to develop folds, wrinkles and creases due to use of our expression muscles. Also, we tend to lose fat over the cheek bones and under our eyes, which cause the face to look tired and saggy.

Treatment at Skin Saga

After a proper facial assessment, areas requiring correction are mapped out and discussed with you. All available options are discussed in depth to understand a patients expectations and desire.

The options available for anti-aging include

    • Neuromodulator injections to smooth wrinkles
    • Fillers to fill in the volume and fat loss
    • Threads to give a natural lift to sagging skin
    • Laser Tightening to improve overall tone of the muscles
    • PRP to boost collagen


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