Laser treatment with a Q-Switched Laser or pigmentation laser is one of the most advanced treatments for removing unwanted and troublesome pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots,  freckles, nevus as well as other types of hyperpigmentation.

This laser is also used for Laser Toning, which is used to get rid of open pores and give a wonderful after-glow to the skin especially before an important occasion or a wedding.

Treatment at Skin Saga

Depending on the type and depth of pigmentation, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions are planned. This is an extremely safe and painless treatment. It can be used for

    • Lighter and Brighter Skin
    • Stimulation of collagen
    • Even Skin tone
    • Reduction in pore size
    • Lightening of scars and pigmentation spots

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