Double chin treatment

Double chin treatment

Injection lipolysis is is a simple procedure that when injected causes fat cells to dissolve. The fat burning solution is injected into pockets or areas of stubborn fat like the lower face and lower abdominal girth to break and dissolve the fat cells. This treatment requires multiple sittings which depends on the amount of fat and the area to be treated.

Treatment at Skin Saga

Injection Lipolysis may require multiple sessions depending on the amount of fat in the given area. This technique is safe and with minimal pain. It can be used effectively for

      • Facial slimming
      • Double chin reduction
      • Body shaping
      • Fat reduction on stubborn areas like love handles, armpit fat, fat on the back, thighs etc.
      • Cellulite and dimpling

This technique is much more effective of used in combination with skin tightening lasers and proper diet and exercise.


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